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Rajasthan to promote solar projects to get power, initiates tenders

According to reports, state government is all geared up to instal solar power plants with total capacity of 450 MW over the next three years in the state. The project involves investment of Rs 4,500 crore and will be undertaken in the western parts of the state, which receives maximum solar radiations in the country.

As per the solar power policy, the tender process to instal various solar plants of different capacities has already started. “The tender process has already started. These plants will be installed at places like Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and other places in western Rajasthan,” said a senior official in energy department.

In a bid to promote solar power, a large number of solar power plants are being installed in the state. Under the project around 100 MW-capacity plant will be installed for small solar photovoltaic projects of 5 to 10 MW capacity. Besides this, two 50 MW capacity plants will also be installed. Under the project, 50 MW solar TV will be installed along with conventional power projects of the same capacity.

According to experts, the appetite for solar power among the investors has seen a resurgence but the availability of infrastructure will be a key deciding factor to attract investment in the sector. However, senior government officials are of the view that a parallel infrastructure will be built to make Rajasthan a self-sufficient solar power state.

Rajasthan’s ambition to become a global solar power centre received a huge boost after the Central government allocated 873 MW to the state under National Solar Mission phase -I out of the 1,100 MW. By developing solar parks, the state also seeks to promote allied industries and activities like manufacturing, research and development, and training in these enclaves.

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