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India adds 3.2GW of clean power in 10 months led by Wind and Solar capacity additions

According to reports, Led by wind and solar sectors, India sees gathering momentum in renewable energy capacity addition. The country has achieved previous financial year’s new capacity addition during the first 10 months of this financial year. As of January this year, grid-connected new renewable capacity addition stood at 3,158 mw, which is equal to financial year 2011’s total capacity addition.
Thanks to solar mission, solar PV has now become the second biggest contributor to the new capacity addition after wind industry. With addition of 3,158 mw of capacity during the first ten months of this financial year, India’s cumulative grid-interactive renewable energy installed capacity stood at 23,129 mw as of January 31, 2012, according to union ministry of new and renewable energy.

Wind sector continues to lead the clean energy capacity addition in the country and contributed over 2,000 mw to the new capacity addition this year. Wind power is expected to add a total new capacity of about 2,800 mw for the present financial year.

Of the 3,158 mw of new capacity, wind sector contributed 2,023 mw, followed by solar PV at 445 mw, bagasse cogeneration power at 285 mw, small hydro at 257 mw and biomass at 145 mw. During the period, 103 mw of off-grid/ captive power generation capacity from different renewable energy sources was also added.

Of the cumulative grid-connected installed capacity of 23129 mw in India as of January 31, 2012, wind sector accounted for 16,179 followed by small hydro power (upto 25 mw) at 3,300 mw, cogeneration power at 1,953 mw, biomass at 1142 mw, solar PV at 481 mw waste-to-energy 53 mw.
Meanwhile, 30 mw capacity of solar power projects have also been commissioned under rooftop PV and small solar power generation programme (RPSSGP) as of January 31.

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