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New energy-efficient loco introduced for high speed trains in Indian Railways

According to reports, the Nagpur division of Central Railway has introduced a new electric locomotive ‘WAP 7’, a high speed engine indigenously developed by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, which is capable of hauling trains at speeds ranging between 140-160 km per hour.

The requirement of banker engine in ghat section between Nagpur and Itarsi is eliminated, resulting in saving of 10 minutes time as well as saving electrical energy about 700 units per train while descending the ghat. It will also save the banker engine use and energy. Due to high acceleration the punctuality is maintained in division.

With a maximum speed rating of 180 km/h, the WAP-7 boasts of the most phenomenal acceleration figures while hauling mail/express trains.

The WAP-7 can also haul loads of 24-26 passenger coaches at a speed of 110 plus km per hour. It is also known to haul 16 heavyweight Air Conditioned coaches. At a trial conducted by Indian Railways, it clocked a speed of 177 km/h. It is the most successful passenger locomotive in the Indian Railways portfolio after the WAP-4. It is used to haul premium trains like the Rajdhani Express and the Shatabdi Express apart from other regular mail/express trains.

As of now, 300 WAG 9, WAP 7 and WAP 5 locos running on the network annually save about 100 million units of energy, saving 105 tonnes of CO2 per annum, the release added.

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