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Novozymes, Sea6 Collaborate on Seaweed-to-Fuel Project in India

According to reports, Novozymes A/S , the world’s biggest maker of enzymes for biofuels, will collaborate with Sea6 Energy to convert seaweed into ethanol.

During the one-year partnership, Novozymes will develop enzymes to convert carbohydrates from seaweed into sugars, which can be fermented to produce ethanol, Adam Monroe, president of Bagsvaerd, Denmark-based Novozymes’ North American unit, said in a telephone interview. The sugars can also be processed into chemicals and proteins for food and fertilizers.

Sea6, based in Chennai, India, is developing technology to cultivate seaweed on a large scale in offshore structures, Monroe said.

“Seaweed contains a lot of sugar per drymass, and most of the things you make from crude oil, you can make from sugar,” Monroe said. “Once we’ve sorted out the optimal cocktail, we’ll work with Sea6 on the best processes to make fuel.”

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