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836 mn Indians rely on biomass for energy claims report by Worldwatch Institute

According to reports, as many as 836 million Indians still rely on traditional biomass for energy, a report has said, even as the US claimed that India along with China would account for half of global energy consumption by 2035.

“The largest populations that rely on traditional biomass for energy are in the developing regions of Asia, with 836 million in India alone,” said a new research published by the Worldwatch Institute for its Vital Signs Online publication.

“Altogether, 54 per cent of the population of developing Asia relies on traditional biomass fuels,” said the report, according to which despite massive gains in global access to electricity over the last two decades, governments and development organisations must continue to invest in electrification to achieve critical health, environmental, and livelihood outcomes.

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  1. 836 million out of 1200 million, rely on biomass for energy in India!!! Difficult to Digest. India must be rich in Biomass or biomass based products or forest to sustain this demand. If you deduct the 300 million Middle class, balance population seem to be using wood or biomass as per the report. IF you look at Total Energy Supply for India, 26 Exa J (in 2009) as per IEA. Biomass based energy supply constitute 10-11% i.e. 2.6 x 10E+15 kJ/annum.
    2.6 x 10E+15/900 million (population using biomass as per the report)/365 = 7914 say 8000 KJ/person/day. If you consider 4 hrs of cooking, then it translates to 2000 kJ/person/day which is about 0.75 kg of wood (dry) /day/person. I am confused and surprised on the supply/logistics and consumption of biomass/wood in India.

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