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Chile seeks partnership with India in renewable energy, lithium

According to reports, Chile wants India to partner with it in the development of renewable energy industry on its soil. Mr Guido Girardi, President of the Senate of the Republic of Chile, today said that India would be welcome to set up power plants that generate energy from renewable sources.

In an interaction with the members of the Confederation of Indian Industry – Southern Region, Mr Girardi pointed out that Chile had 4,000-km-long coastline that afforded possibilities of developing tidal energy, and being a volcanic country, geo-thermal energy was also possible.

A member of the delegation led by Mr Girardi said at the interaction that while everybody knew Chile as a producer of copper, not many knew it was also rich in lithium. Lithium is a metal that is used in the manufacture of batteries for electric vehicles. Chile would welcome any kind of partnership in this area too, he said, noting that the Japanese had formed similar partnerships in the neighbouring Argentina.

Mr Girardi said that the mining sector in Chile would need investments of about $40-50 billion. Such huge mining operations would need energy. “We foresee a tremendous need for solar energy,” he said.

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