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India should tap solar and wind energy aggressively

According to reports, Climate change expert Rajendra Pachauri has stressed the need for leading cities in India to adopt effective public transport and mass transit systems as a means to mitigate the after effects of climate change.

Pachauri suggested this in the course of his lecture on ‘Dealing with climate change, why India should lead’ as a part of the Pune International Centre’s (PIC) ongoing lecture series on the theme of ‘reinventing India’ held at the Symbiosis Vishwabhavan hall on Wednesday evening.

According to Pachauri, India would be importing 1,400 million tonnes of coal and 750 million tonnes of oil in 2030 and this could cost the country 20% of its gross domestic product. Pachauri said that such a situation was unsustainable and measures needed to be taken to prevent over dependence on coal and oil. He suggested the need for India to tap both solar and wind energy aggressively.

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