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Green building to replace old MS University guest house

According to reports, M S University will convert its old guest house into a green building. One of the old structures of MSU, the old guest house is presently occupied by  Baroda University Teachers Association.

MSU will be spend Rs 80 lakh towards renovation of this building to convert it into a VVIP guest house.

The existing guest house of MSU has an intake capacity of 60 guests. Through the renovation of the old guest house, MSU wants to create facilities of small conference room, seminar hall, dinning hall and reception on the ground floor while four VVIP suits will come up on first floor of the old building.

The old guest house building is a replica of the Dhanvantri bungalow, which serves as official residence of MSU’s vice-chancellors and belongs to the same time period.

“After the renovation work, the building will have a better day lighting while we will using  solar energy for water heating system. It will also have separate facilities like ramps, railings among others for the differently-abled persons,” university engineer N K Ojha said.

“We will be using draught tolerant species that consume less water in gardens while there will be rain water harvesting and grey water treatment systems in place. Post occupancy, we will go for organic waste management,” said Ojha, adding that the Mangalore roof tiles which are giving better heat island (roof) affect will be preserved.

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