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India adds 3.8GW grid connected renewable capcity during 2011, Wind contributes 2.8GW

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has intensified the deployment of various renewable energy technologies in the country for grid connected power generation and to improve energy access in rural areas. In the recent competitive solar tariff bidding, the tariff quoted are 50% less than they were when the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission was launched just two years ago. Renewable power is now being extensively propagated and used to provide energy access to the remote, inaccessible and difficult areas of the country.  During 2011  around 965 villages have been covered with solar lights and 30 villages  have been covered with biomass gasifiers. The Ministry has undertaken an intensive exercise during the year to review its programmes through various working groups set up for preparation of the 12th Plan.  The Ministry is envisaging a capacity addition of about 30,000 MW from renewable during the 12th Plan.  

 The Year 2011 has seen a significant growth with a number of new initiatives in the renewable energy sector.  The wind energy sector picked up momentum again by adding over 2800 MW capacity resulting in grid-connected renewable power capacity crossed the 22,000 MW milestone which is about 11% of the total power generation capacity of the country. During the year grid-connected solar power plants crossing the 100 MW milestone.  In fact, SPV power plants of over 180 MW were set up in the country.  Over 1000 remote villages were electrified through renewable energy systems during this year.  Over 50 MW off-grid installations were completed.


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