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ICT sector can help meet climate change goals: Report

According to reports, the ICT sector, one of the biggest guzzlers of energy and commercial space in India, has a huge role to play in helping India meet the goals of climate change, says a new report.

“The ICT sector cannot bring about change, but it can be a key enabler,” said Mr Som Mittal, President, Nasscom, at the release of the report in Delhi on Thursday.

The report, “Sustainable Tomorrow: Harnessing ICT Potential”, has been brought out by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and the National Association of Software Services Companies (Nasscom) with participation from about 70 public and private stakeholder companies.

Keeping a digital future in mind, the report lays a roadmap for how the ICT sector can grow along with contributing to sustainable development.

Dr R.K Pachauri, Director-General, TERI, said the sector needed to adapt technology to the changes taking places in the environment, such as natural disasters and extreme events such as heat waves.

“Along with reducing its high carbon emission, the sector needs to assist other sectors, such as power, roads, water, transport etc to use energy-efficient technology,’ he said.

By 2020, emissions from the ICT sector will make for 2.8 per cent of global emissions. India’s total e-waste generation is expected to increase to 8,00,000 tonnes by 2012, and the ICT sector accounts for 34 per cent of it.

Mr Harsh Chitale, CEO, HCL Technologies, said the sector first needed to tackle the problem of growing e-waste and use of hazardous materials, especially mobile phones. “The sector has guidelines on e-waste, but it should now think of regulating itself. Mandatory stronger standards are needed for energy-efficiency in the sector,” he added.

Mr Arup Ghosh, CTO, Tata Power Delhi Distribution, said use of electricity to serve political agendas should be put an end to. He also called for a strong policy on the use of renewable energy in all states.

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