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India targets 18.5 GW of clean power in the next 5 year plan

According to reports, government has targeted installing 18,500 mw of renewable energy power during 12th five-year plan beginning April 1, 2012. This will comprise of 11,000 mw through wind, 1,600 mw small hydro ventures, 2,100 mw biomass power and 3,800 mw of solar power capacities.

Also, the nodal ministry for new and renewable energy has projected renewable capacity addition of about 30,500 mw during the 13th plan. This would include 11,000 mw wind, 1,500 mw from small hydro, 2,000 mw biomass power and 16,000 mw of solar power.

In the current 11th plan, Centre had set targets to install 12,230 mw of renewable energy power in the country. Out of this, 9,717 mw has been set up in the first four years of the plan. At present, India has a total installed capacity of 19,975 mw of renewable power as on March 31, 2011.

“The estimated medium-term potential for power generation from renewable energy sources such as wind, small hydro, solar, waste to energy and biomass in the country is about 1,83,000 mw till 2032,” said a government official, who did not wish to be named.

As per government estimates, India has gross wind power potential of 45,000 mw. But, the technically viable potential that can be exploited economically is about 13,000 mw.

Similarly, the potential for small hydropower projects up to 25 mw has been assessed at around 15,000 mw. Till now, around 3,043 mw capacities have been commissioned till March 31.

For biomass-based generation, 2,737 mw has been harnessed through the setting up of grid interactive power. “These (renewable) sources provide an attractive solution for meeting requirement of power at remote locations, in cases where it is not feasible to extend the grid. All efforts are therefore made to tap these resources for generation of power to supplement energy from conventional sources,” the official said.

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