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Himachal Pradesh Clean Energy Development Programme

As informed by Himachal Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (HPPCL), no opposition is being faced from local populations, for keeping their lands and rivers intact under the Himachal Pradesh Clean Energy Development Investment Programme (HPCEDIP), funded by Asian Development Bank.

HPPCL has clarified that none of the projects are destructive to rivers. Moreover, entire Himalayan region with all its hydropower potential falls in seismic zone-IV and more severe zone-V, for which projects are designed suitably. All the projects being constructed by the HPPCL are designed to withstand earthquakes of magnitude expected in the seismic zone in which they fall. HPPCL has further informed that since construction activity is far from glacier, small in size and very restricted in construction period, it cannot have any negative impact on glaciers. Moreover, since hydropower projects’ viability is dependent on glaciers, project construction would avoid any activity which may impact it adversely.

The HPPCL has informed that clean energy programme is not destructive in nature, the projects are not mega in size and there is no threat to farm sector. Moreover, the total land requirement for any of its project is very small and even the reservoir being formed is very small.

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