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Bangalore city chosen by BESCOM for a novel plan as the pilot city for solar from homes and rooftops

According to reports, the City has considerable number of solar power users and hence the Bescom has chosen Bangalore to implement the novel plan on a pilot basis.

The trigger for the idea came in the form of an application by Ravishankar, a resident of HSR Layout, seeking grid connectivity for his rooftop solar power plant. He had sought permission to sell power generated by his 1.8-KW solar plant.

The Bescom, in turn, wrote to Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) on October 28 seeking permission to provide single phase LT grid connectivity to rooftop small solar plants. The Company is now awaiting reply.

P Manivannan, Bescom Managing Director, said solar power costs Rs 10 per unit and the Company proposes to make it more competitive. “Once the KERC grants permission, we will invite tenders. We will procure power from the lowest bidder,” he said.

The Bescom, in its letter to KERC, has stated that neither the Ministry for Non-Conventional and Renewable Energy nor the State government has formulated any clear-cut policy for the LT grid interactive solar photovoltaic projects below 5 kWp (kilowatt-peak units). The letter says that the proposal of Ravishankar was considered in order to encourage solar photovoltaic projects.

According to the letter, the grid connecting equipment installed by the applicant shall be got tested in Central Government testing laboratories. The tariff for the power from the solar plant will be Rs six a unit subject to approval by the KERC. Bes­com has also written a letter to Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Limited seeking approval for the project.

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  1. It is heartening to note the solar power novel plan of Mr Ra vishankar.

    Is this solar plant suits only independent houses or flats too.? If so what is the area needed to generate minimum power.? Can this roof top solar technology be integrated with hydrogen fuel cell for better yield of power? Please clarify.

    If this green technology is implemented, this would reduce the burden of Local State Electricit Boards and give freedom to common man to generate his own power. Local State electricity board should make necessary recommendations to State Government for implementation of this throughout the State and gradually the same may be educated to other states in india The novel plan of Mr Ravishankar is commendable.

    I convey my appreciations to Mr Ravishankar.

    S Venkataraman

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