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ABB India takes 90 MW worth of orders for solar inverters

ABB has recently launched its central inverter, PVS800, on the Indian market. The launch was conducted right after the national policy was implemented. Since the launch, ABB India has seen a steady growth in solar inverter orders. Within a year, ABB’s solar inverter business in India has received orders worth a capacity of 90 MW. The major customers have been EPCs such as Tata BP and system integrators and developers with whom working relations have been established.

“Of the orders received so far, 80 MW will be supplied by the end of 2011, out of which 9 MW has been commissioned to date and is working at full capacity,” says Mr. D. Chawla, the local business unit manager for Low Voltage Drives in India. “Undoubtedly solar power is in one of the fastest growing markets in India and ABB is committed to being part of this new growth business. ABB’s decades of experience with power converter technology platforms and strong local presence in the country will support growth greatly,” D Chawla continues. 

“Our complete product offering for the solar business is also one important aspect. ABB’s solar inverter offering is complemented with supporting solutions, such as junction boxes with string monitoring and SCADA monitoring, and a control system packaged with good service support, all of which helps ABB stand out from other inverter manufacturers,” says Mr. D Chawla. “We also work with ABB India’s eBoP (Electrical Balance of Plant) team and thus are able to offer total electrical EPC contracts in the solar power market. In addition, ABB can answer quickly to customers’ needs. On-time execution and delivery of projects is vitally important for customers, especially now when the market is booming”, says Mr. D Chawla.

The ABB central inverter, rated from 100 to 500 kW, is designed for multi-megawatt PV power plants and medium-sized power plants installed in industrial and commercial buildings. Based on ABB’s decades of experience with a proven power converter technology platform, the inverters provide a cost-effective and reliable solution with one of the highest efficiencies on the market for converting the direct current generated by solar modules into alternating current that can be fed into the power network.

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