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Over 50 dark villages in India to light up with solar LED lamps

According to reports, over 50 backward villages that do not have electricity would soon get lit up with solar LED lamps, thanks to an initiative taken by India800 Foundation, an organisation which works for people living below poverty line.

The villages would be among 120 villages that would be covered under the project in the country. This was announced by Lord Amir Bhatia, House of Lords, England and vice-chairman of the India800 foundation. Hanul Technologies is installing over 5,000 LED Lights developed by the company at BMC Software which will bring savings of around 575 mega watts hours per year for the BMC. BMC would invest the saved money to fund the projects for installation of Solar Powered LED Lighting System in small villages.

“Following our meeting with the President of India recently, we are aiming at connecting with approximately 120 villages in the country, focusing on work for betterment of women and girl child along with introduction of renewable energy in those villages,” said Lord Amir Bhatia in a press conference.

They have already installed solar LED lamps in Sakur in Ahmednagar district.“In Sakur, we have installed solar powered lighting system in each house and on streets. All this was done with the savings that we managed to make on the electricity bills after replacing lighting at our campus with LED Lighting system of Hanul Technologies that helped us to save about 60-65% of the electricity,” said BMC Software site head Tarun Sharma.

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