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India to Cooperate with Germany on Energy Sector

India and Germany have discussed bilateral cooperation in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency, solar energy, clean coal technology and carbon capture and sequestration. Some countries are reviewing their nuclear power programmes. Reports indicate that the Governments of Germany and Switzerland plan to phase out nuclear power by 2022 and 2034 respectively. Italy has decided not to reintroduce nuclear power. The demand for growth in power generation in these countries can be met by renewable energy sources. This appears to be the reason to be the reason for their distancing from harnessing nuclear energy.

In view of India’s vast and growing energy needs, nuclear energy is an important clean energy option and will be pursued with full regard to safety, environment and livelihood of the people in the neighbouring areas along with other energy sources, including solar energy, as no single energy source would be adequate to meet India’s energy requirements, said  the Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s office Sh V Narayanasamy.

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