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Renewable energy to power Heritage Mysore Palace

According to reports, If the official machinery has its way, renewable sources of energy will power the special illumination of the Mysore Palace, which has emerged as the top grosser among tourists in India. Thanks to the ambitious solar city programme sponsored by the Union ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE), the 1 lakh bulbs could draw power by harnessing solar energy.

The project aims to reduce consumption of fossil fuel and electricity in the urban areas and switch to alternate sources of energy. The estimated project cost for the implementation of renewable energy project in Mysore under the project is put at Rs 1,620 crore. The project cost was disclosed during SCP meeting at the MCC on Tuesday.

Mysore is one among 48 cities selected for the implementation of the project. In the first draft of the master plan, besides the Mysore palace, 96 heritage buildings including MCC, DC office, Jaladarshini guest house, High View, which houses the regional commissioner’s office, and new taluk office, are included. Buildings atop Chamundi Hill premises and seven arterial roads including Vani Vilas road, Sayyaji Rao road are proposed to be redesigned to harness solar power. The MCC has tasked the work to a consultant who has estimated that Mysore will consume 3141.75 million units (MU) of electricity by 2015. The target is to reduce 10% of the projected consumption.

Director in the Union ministry A K Tripathi said the aim under SCP is to reduce usage of conventional energy by 10% through implementing solar energy projects, which include solar streetlights, solar water heaters and many other solar equipment. He said they are okay with the proposal to use solar power for the Palace. The mission is to promote solar energy, biogas and sewage plants and reduce the consumption of conventional energy sources including fossil fuel.

Corporation commissioner K S Raykar said he would discuss with the University of Mysore about setting up a renewable energy park on the varsity campus. He didn’t approve of the suggestion to set up a bio-methanation plant at Devaraja market as it is a heritage monument. The Mysore Palace can be illuminated with one lakh bulbs everyday if the proposed projects are implemented by 2015, Raykar added.

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