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US, India facing same challenge of providing energy: Envoy

According to reports, US and India are facing the “same challenge” of providing for the energy needs of their people while ensuring that environment is not harmed, US Consul General in Kolkata Dean R Thompson has said.

‘India and USA are working to make progress in the areas of strategic cooperation, which includes security issues, energy and climate change’.

“This is an area where we face the same challenge, how do we provide for the energy needs of our populations while ensuring that we are not causing irreversible harm to our environment,” Thompson asked.

Referring to the US-India Partnership to Advance Clean Energy (PACE), a Memorandum of Understanding on energy and climate change, Thompson said: “PACE has the potential to touch all of our lives through advances in solar energy and energy-efficiency.”

“This is particularly important for the government of India’s goal to bring electricity to every Indian household. The impact of this effort on India’s social and economic development would be profound,” the US diplomat said while addressing the Tripura University professors.

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