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Voltech group enters solar energy sector

According to reports, the Voltech Group, global service provider in testing and commissioning of electrical systems on Monday signed agreement with NanoPV of the U.S., and Rank General Trading and Contracting Company (RGTC) of Kuwait.

NanoPV Technologies is a leader in solar cell technologies, panel manufacturing and system integration with subsidiaries in Asia.

Addressing presspersons Voltech Group Managing Director, M. Umapathi, said the joint venture, NanoPV Voltech Solar India (NVSIPL), would be establishing a new plant for manufacturing solar panels on the outskirts of Chennai. The U.S. company would transfer the technology and knowledge of manufacturing ‘thin film silicon solar panels’ to NVSIPL in a phased manner enabling the latter to manufacture solar panels in India on its own.

According to NanoPV President and CTO, Anna Selvan John, the initial capacity of the plant would be 10 MW and would be scaled up steadily to 30 MW.

The cost per unit of solar power produced by the plant would be Rs. 6-Rs. 9, much cheaper than the prevailing price of Rs.15-17.

The agreement with RGTC would help Voltech trade its product and services in Kuwait directly, according to M. Naga Bushanam, Managing Director, RGTC. RGTC emerged as an active mechanical, electrical and instrumentation and trading contractor covering power stations and oil and pertochemical sectors, he said.

Voltech has presence in engineering services, manufacturing of power transformers, control relay panels, relay, switchgear and industrial ball valves, execution of turnkey electrical and instrumentation projects and export/import of engineering equipment globally.

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