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GCL-Poly Energy Formally Announced Entering The Solar System Integration Business

GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited (“GCL-Poly”, “the Group”, stock code: 3800.HK) announced today that it has set up GCL-Poly Solar Energy System Integration (Taicang) Co. Ltd., formally launching the global solar system integration business.

Currently, global demand for new energy increases rapidly. The construction of solar farms continues to increase globally in tandem with the rise of the emerging markets. GCL-Poly owns the largest polysilicon production capacity and is the best in cost control in the world. Being the largest privately owned power company in the PRC, GCL-Poly benefits on its competent and well-experienced team in electricity investment, construction, operations and also its success in investments in solar system integration in the US and China. GCL-Poly formally announced entering the solar system integration area, migrating from a conventional power and polysilicon products supplier to a leading global and professional solar company in providing solutions in system integration.

Mr. Zhu Gongshan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GCL-Poly, stated that GCL-Poly will liaise with financial institutions, insurance companies, investment funds, and banks in China, Europe and the US, and proactively form strong alliance with large equipment and system suppliers to create a global PV carrier brand. The Group will endeavour to produce more new products by strengthening its research and development, develop more financial products by cooperating with financial institutions, and lower the investment costs for power plant investors, resulting in reducing the reliance on government subsidies as soon as possible. We also try our best to enhance safe and economic operations so that we can maximise the economic benefits of our customers.

In the area of trade and investment, GCL-Poly will cooperate with Chinese and overseas financial institutions to provide comprehensive support and cooperation to the investors. Meanwhile, the Group will set up branches or representative offices in Europe, the US, Africa, India and Brazil, etc., to cooperate sincerely and advance hand-in-hand with our customers in global power plant investment and system integration. The Group will work hard to upgrade the use of green energy in responding to the challenges of global climate changes so that greater contributions can be made to improve the living environment of human being.

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