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Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor to be completely green: Farooq Abdullah

According to reports, the showcase Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor will be “completely green” and towns on the stretch would be environment-friendly, Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy Farooq Abdullah said today.

He said work on the ambitious corridor that connects the capital with the country’s financial capital has already started and the government would make all efforts to make the country more greener.

Addressing an ‘International Conference and Exhibition on Green Buildings’ organised by CII here, Abdullah blamed the US and the West for the “environmental destruction” due to emission of green house gases.

“I want to tell Americans and the West that we are paying the price today for environmental destruction because of the green house gas emissions. We are not responsible for it,” he said.

“Let us join together and try to make this world a better place to live. We should all work together to generate new energy and use them. The world should be a better place to live,” he said.

On the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial corridor, the Minister said it would be a “green corridor” but refused to give a time-frame for its completion.

“The corridor which we are going to build from Delhi to Mumbai will be a completely green one and towns which are going to come up on the corridor will be environment-friendly. We are taking all steps to make India more greener,” he said.

He said the government is taking a number of steps to use new energy as a major source of power in the country and asserted that the major challenge before it was to produce more power and bringing down the cost of the new energy.

Abdullah said the Ministry was planning to replace diesel power generators of all mobile phone towers with solar panels.

India should make a gradual switchover to renewable energy as coal and diesel prices were rising and becoming unaffordable, he said and added that at present the country has five lakh mobile towers.

Abdullah also insisted on more research to produce new energy and at the same time pitched for import of technology and then developing it on our own.

“Our needs are far different from that of others. We have done very well in wind energy we have produced 17,000 MW and we plan to add 2,000 MW every year,” he said.

The Minister also released ‘Leed 2011 for India’ and also distributed awards to students from across the country for taking part in green competitions.

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