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Carbon expert pitches for use of solar, wind energy in India

According to reports, Climate change experts at the International Conclave stressed on the urgent need for setting up wind and solar energy power generation projects as well as taking up fuel efficiency measures in transportation and planning energy efficiency for buildings.

Former Planning Commission member Kirit Parikh, who was heading the Committee of Low Carbon Strategies for India, said, “India is emitting only two per cent of the amount of carbon dioxide emitted globally. Indian emissions are never above the average stipulated levels. Yet, we are also victims of climate change and we are seriously committed to make a 25 per cent cut in CO2 emissions.”

The Committee had recently filed an interim report stating that reducing CO2 emissions by 25 per cent is possible by increasing energy utilisation by eight per cent and even a 35 per cent reduction in emissions is possible if we are assisted by developed countries in the areas of technology transfer and other issues.

“We are importing 80 per cent of the oil and 20 per cent of the coal our country requires. By the rate at which we are using coal in thermal power plants and any new plants coming up, we are going to face a very difficult situation by the year 2035,” said Mr Parikh.

In the field of nuclear energy the country has aimed at generating 10,000 mega watts of power in next 35 to 40 years. Fast breed rectors have to be set up but it takes time to produce plutonium needed.

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