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BELECTRIC installs India’s first solar power plant with First Solar thin-film technology

BELECTRIC Photovoltaic India, a subsidiary of the global market leader BELECTRIC, connected India’s first solar power plant in Sri City (Andhra Pradesh province) with First Solar thin-film technology to the grid. The project has been realized in close cooperation with the investor Sri Power and First Solar, the leading thin-film module manufacturer. Since the end of February 2011 – following a four-month construction period – the solar power plant, which is part of the CO2-free city project, has been generating an annual total of 1,660,000 kWh of clean energy that could supply around 7,000 indian households per year. This corresponds to CO2 savings of approximately 1,100 tons every year.

Over an area of 2.14 hectares, 14,000 First Solar modules (type FS 272 and FS 277) were installed for the first time in India. Until now most investors in India have relied on traditional silicon module technologies. “The advantage of modern thin-film technology is that the modules deliver an above-average output, even at high temperatures. The frameless design makes the modules insusceptible to dirt. And by continuously reducing manufacturing costs over the past years the modules became more cost-effective than other types.”, explains Yogesh Dabhade, CEO of BELECTRIC Photovoltaic India.
Another challenge of this project was the rocky ground. To overcome this, BELECTRIC developed a special substructure to ensure that the power plant is securely anchored. “BELECTRIC performed pioneer work here. Thanks to our years of experience in the realization of ground-mounted solar power plants and the productive cooperation of Indian and German BELECTRIC engineers, we were able to complete the project on this highly demanding ground,” said Marjus Geßner, Key Account Manager BELECTRIC.
First Solar also welcomed the joint project. “We are very pleased to extend our long-term collaboration with BELECTRIC to this important new market, continuing our joint efforts to deploy First Solar’s leading thin-film modules worldwide.”, said Jim Brown, senior vice president for First Solar. “Together, we can help India meet its clean-energy objectives under the National Solar Mission and deliver clean, renewable solar energy in a region with growing electricity demand and vast solar potential.”

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