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TERI opens its European head office in Utrecht, Netherlands

Her Royal Highness Princess Máxima of The Netherlands officially opened the European head office of the globally renowned Indian research institute TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) in Utrecht. In addition to exchanging scientific knowledge in the field of sustainable development and energy, the European head office of TERI will also concentrate on promoting partnerships and activities involving European and Asian businesses and institutions. The arrival of TERI’s European head office in the Utrecht Science Park will further enhance the sustainability profile of Utrecht University, Utrecht Science Park and the entire Utrecht region.

In her address H.R.H. Princess Maxima highlighted the role of “people, planet and profit” in determining a pattern of sustainable development. She emphasized the enormous opportunities that exist for win-win approaches by which every section of society gains while the environment also gets protected. She also emphasized the importance of sharing knowledge across countries to deal with global challenges such as climate change.

In his address TERI’s Director-General, Dr RK Pachauri identified opportunities for Utrecht University and TERI working together for promoting the concept of science parks in some states in India, because if economic growth in India has to proceed at a healthy rate, it would need innovation at an unprecedented level. The development of science parks which bring together knowledge organizations in key sectors of the economy could play a vital role in this direction. It was anticipated that TERI’s European Head Office would soon strive to become financially sustainable through the creation of knowledge which has market applications with the benefits of sustainability.

The objective of opening TERI’s European head office is to promote the exchange of scientific knowledge in the area of sustainability such as biomass conversion, water, energy, and sustainable cities, which includes promoting scientific research, setting up networks, platforms and intermediary activities between European and Asian companies and institutions.

TERI’s European Head office in the Netherlands will work for strengthening the links between India and the Utrecht region and enhancing the Utrecht knowledge infrastructure in the field of sustainability. This office will lead to better opportunities to collaborate between India and players in the Utrecht region, and will certainly contribute to the sustainability activities in the Utrecht-Delft-Wageningen area.

Presently TERI researcher Dr Atul Kumar is the current holder of the Prince Claus Chair at Utrecht University. He is researching the possibility of using renewable energy to reduce global CO2 emissions.

The establishment of TERI’s European headquarters in Utrecht is supported by Utrecht University, the Utrecht Provincial Authority and the Utrecht Municipal Authority. TERI already has a global presence in Japan, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Washington DC, and London. It soon is planning to have an office in the African region too.

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