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Wind project transmission issue in Tamil Nadu can be resolved: Techno Electric

According to reports, Simran Wind Project Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of the Kolkata-based Techno Electric & Engineering Company Ltd (TEECL), today announced that it has fully commissioned its Phase I expansion of 101.4 MW through wind power.

The company has registered the project under the Renewable Energy Certificate scheme. This means that the company will get Rs 2.37 a unit from the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Company; will get tradable Renewable Energy Certificates and also a ‘generation based incentive’ of 50 paise a unit from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. The company reckons that it will get 240,000 RECs in a full year of operation — worth Rs 43 crore, calculated at the average price of the last trading session (of Rs 1,800 a REC).

Now, the big question is, how will Simran evacuate the power, given that Tamil Nadu has a big evacuation infrastructure bottleneck? The Tamil Nadu Transmission Company (TANTRANSCO) has plans to strengthen transmission lines, but it will take at least two years to come to fruition.

Responding to this, Mr P P Gupta, Managing Director, Techno Electric, told Business Line today that there are short term solutions too. “We are working closely with TANGEDCO and have suggested alternative ways of solving the problem,” Mr Gupta said. Basically, the idea is to plug into the infrastructure of Power Grid Corporation of India. “It is doable,” Mr Gupta said, adding that it could be done in six months.

A press release from Techno Electric said that with the completion of this project, the total capacity with the company stands at 196.55 MW.

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