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Renewcon India 2011 to conduct solar workshops on solar PV, conference planned in wind and solar

 Renewcon India 2011 has been planned as a 4 day event. The first day of the event comprises of practical solar training workshop. In that the organizers have identified the two main streams and there are parallel training sessions one being on O&M of solar workshops and the second being on EPC of solar projects.

The first track is on Solar PV Operations and Maintenance Training which is being conducted by Sebastian C. Dürr, Director, iPLON.

This unique training workshop is dedicated solely to effectively enhancing the day-to-day operations, maintenance and working of your solar PV plant. The workshop aims to provide benefits from hands-on insights and international experience of overcoming the most critical challenges faced in the running and maintenance of solar PV plant.

Some of the key points that the session is to address includes:

  • Achieving operational and maintenance excellence in your solar plants to capitalise on the latent opportunities in solar PV
  • Navigating through the critical challenges of scaling and sizing of PV systems
  • Determining the key success factors in site identification and working around the myriad constraints across the planning and installation of solar PV plants
  • Analysing the shadow simulation techniques available to predict solar radiation potential

The second track is on Solar EPC which is being conducted by Shaji John, Chief, Solar Initiatives, Larsen & Toubro ECC and Udayadittya Shome, VP,  Marketing & Sales,  Juwi India Renewable Energies.

The workshop will throw light on the most commercially successful EPC contracts but also give  invaluable guidance on the effective selection of EPC players plus increase chances of attracting financing for your solar projects.

Some of the key points that the session is to address includes:

  • Navigating the risk and roadblocks involved in the selection of an appropriate EPC player
  • Maximising the crucial role of an efficient EPC player to attract financing for your solar project
  • Leveraging best practices to improve the solar EPC model inIndia
  • Applying learnings from global expertise and experience on the key success criteria for an effective EPC contract
  • Understanding the critical role ofBalance of Systems (BOS) in a turnkey EPC contract

The second day has a solar conference that has a number of sessions and intends to address important subject matters such as policy development and implementation, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and understanding how it will drive the next stage of solar power projects,role of REC’s in the development of solar projects among numerous other topics.

The third day is dedicated to wind and topics that intend to get discussed include examining the new government policies and incentives designed to boost commercial interest in wind power in India, something that is gaining importance and relevance with more captive and IPP players entering the sector. The other important topic under discussion is navigating the ambiguities of the PPA, GBI, RPO obligations and emerging RECs to drive the success of wind power projects in India.

Panchabuta will be at the event and the founder Vineeth Vijayaraghavan will be moderating some of the panel discussions on various topics in Wind and Solar at the conference.

RENEWCON India 2011- September 27-30, 2011, Mumbai , India

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