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Renewcon India 2011 to discuss wind, solar and waste management

India has received an investment of about Rs. 4900 crore through FDI in the renewable energy sector during the last three years and the current year, minister for renewable energy has earlier said.

India has received maximum FDI inflows of Rs 2,872 crore in 2009-10 and a recent report by independent consultants Ernst & Young had ranked India as the 3rd best investment destination in Renewable energy sector, next only to China and USA.

India has set aggressive addition targets with wind and the target is about 2.4GW for the current financial year. In addition, after the successful bidding of the first batch of the first phase of the ambitious national solar mission, the country has very recently announced the bidding process for about 350MW of additional solar pv under the second batch of the first phase of the solar mission.

In this backdrop, the Renewcon India 2011 has been planned as a 4 day event. The first day of the event comprises of practical solar training workshop. In that the organizers have identified the two main streams and there are parallel training sessions one being on O&M of solar workshops and the second being on EPC of solar projects.

The second day has a solar conference that has a number of sessions and intends to address important subject matters such as policy development and implementation, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and  understanding how it will drive the next stage of solar power projects,role of REC’s in the development of solar projects among numerous other topics.

The third day is dedicated to wind and topics that intend to get discussed include examining the new government policies and incentives designed to boost commercial interest in wind power in India, something that is gaining importance and relevance with more captive and IPP players entering the sector. The other important topic under discussion is navigating the ambiguities of the PPA, GBI, RPO obligations and emerging RECs to drive the success of wind power projects in India.

A first of its kind seminar has been planned on the fourth day to address waste management a big challenge that is faced globally and some of the models and practices evolving in this area in India.

Panchabuta will be at the event and the founder Vineeth Vijayaraghavan will be moderating some of the panel discussions on various topics in Wind and Solar at the conference.

RENEWCON India 2011- September 27-30, 2011, Mumbai , India

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