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Renewable Energy Certificate prices in India cut by 15-30%

According to reports, the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission has suggested a 15 to 30 per cent cut in prices for renewable energy certificates (RECs) effective April 2012 for five years. This move is intended to make REC trading attractive. The CERC has reduced the forbearance price for non-solar REC to Rs 3.3 a unit (Rs 3,300/ MWh), while keeping the floor price at the current level of Rs 1.5 a unit (Rs 1,500/MWh). For solar REC the forbearance price has ... Read More »

Renewable Energy sector in India would require capital investment of Rs. 290bn in FY11-12

It is envisaged that a power generation capacity of around 3400 MW (grid-interactive) and 130 MW (off-grid / captive) from various renewable energy sources, mainly wind, solar, biomass and small hydro, will be added in the country during the current financial year 2011-12. The same would require capital investment of the order of around Rs. 29,000 cr. (Rs.14,500 cr. in wind power, Rs. 2,500 cr. in small hydro power, Rs.3,000 cr. in bio-power and Rs.9,000 cr. in solar power). Additional ... Read More »

Biomass Solar hybrid project in Sunderbans, West Bengal to provide power to 11 islands

According to reports, the power ministry in West Bengal has invited bids for the largest renewable energy project in the country in Sunderbans, which is expected to see an investment of above Rs 90 crore, a top ministry official said here on Thursday. “We have invited tenders for the biomass solar hybrid project, which would be the largest renewable energy initiative in the country. Through this, we want to connect nearly 11 islands in the Sunderbans region. It would be ... Read More »

Rural electrification in India can only come from renewable sources

According to reports, India cannot talk about greatness when the country has a 95% import dependence on oil and 40-45% import dependence on coal, said Deepak Gupta, secretary of the Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, adding “this means a small country like Libya can control us”. Speaking at an Assocham conference on “Waste to Energy” in Ahmedabad on Wednesday, Gupta also said that India’s energy demand-supply gap is “not likely to be breached, not in the near future, ... Read More »

India, Iceland jointly explore Geothermal Energy

According to reports, currently about 81% of Iceland’s total primary energy supply is derived from domestically produced renewable energy sources, which besides geothermal, include significant hydroelectric facilities. Due to Iceland’s unique geology, which includes a high concentration of volcanoes, five major geothermal power plants produce approximately 26.2% of the nation’s energy, while geothermal heating provides for the heating and hot water requirements of approximately 87% of all buildings in Iceland. Seeking to tap Iceland’s unique expertise, New and Renewable Energy ... Read More »

Karnataka plans land use policy for wind energy

As readers of Panchabuta are aware, in a rather surprising verdict, Bangalore High Court in April this year, directed various hydel projects that have obtained permission from the state government(Karnataka) to function in Western Ghats, not to go ahead with the execution of the projects until further orders. According to reports, the Karnataka government would soon bring out an exclusive land policy for allotment of land for wind energy projects. The policy will be modelled on Gujarat’s policy and will be announced ... Read More »

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