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Vorks Energy to provide solar rooftop solution to a Delhi Schools

Vorks Energy has recently signed agreements with number of schools in Delhi and NCR region to provide solar roof top solution. The schools will run completely on solar energy during the day and will use energy from battery bank when sun is not available. The system is ideal for schools and colleges, since majority of usage for electricity is during school working hours which are typically around 8 to 9 hours. This typical usage can easily be provided using solar energy generated from PV modules.

According to Mr. Ashish Kumar, Executive Director, Vorks Energy, “Schools are ideal fit for solar energy because of their operation time and limited budgets”. The investment in solar roof top solution can easily be recovered by a school in 5 years. Other benefits include non reliance on traditional diesel generators/ other expensive power backup devices like invertors, etc. and huge governmental subsidy.

Vorks currently integrates roof tops with PV panels with highest efficiency of 16.21%, which generates maximum solar electricity output.

Vorks Energy has startegic allainces with the one of the world’s leading New York’s NASDAQ listed solar company.Vorks PV modules meet wide variety of high-performance requirements of customers, from on-grid systems to off-grid systems, commercial use to industrial use and residence, buildings to public utility.

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