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Larry C. Holmberg Appointed CEO of Solar Semiconductor, Inc.

Solar Semiconductor, Inc. announced today at the India Renewable Energy Expo that Larry C. Holmberg has been appointed CEO and a member of the Board of Directors of the Company. Larry is a Co-Founder and CEO of Solar Infra, Inc. Solar Semiconductor also announced the signing of an agreement to acquire Solar Infra and is in the process of completing the acquisition.

“We are very excited to have Larry join our executive team,” said Hari Surapaneni, Chairman of the Board of Solar Semiconductor. “He brings a wealth of executive experience in the solar and high tech industries and has a track record of success in engaging customers, suppliers and employees. Larry’s experience and leadership will ensure our continued success and enable us to meet the challenges that the solar industry faces in the current global economy.”

 Larry will attend the Expo along with other industry leaders from around the world to support the Government’s ambitious National Solar Initiative to bring cost effective renewable energy to the country.

While participating in the EXPO and meeting with industry leaders, Holmberg discussed his vision for Solar Semiconductor and his plans for the Company around a clear, compelling vision for growth. He stressed that with its strong technology, quality manufacturing, R&D and project development teams in India, Solar Semiconductor is poised to take advantage of one of the largest solar markets in the world.

 “It’s a privilege to join the Solar Semiconductor team,” said Holmberg. “I look forward to working with our customers, employees and partners to build upon the existing advantage that Solar Semiconductor is already the number one solar company in India. I am extremely excited about our future in India and around the world.”

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