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Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) installs 4th Carbon Measurement Centre of India In Madhya Pradesh

According to reports, Indian Space Research Organization, (ISRO), with the joint effort of Madhya Pradesh Forest Department, has installed a carbon measurement centre at Sukwan beat of Tawadi forest division in Betul district of the state. Testing of various sensors has also been started from the tower of this centre.

This was informed during a presentation in the presence of Madhya Pradesh Forest Minister Sartaj Singh and officials of the Department at Forest Rest house here on Saturday.

Additional Principal Chief Forest Conservator A.K. Sonakiya informed that this is fourth centre in the country. Prior to this, the centers have been set up at Haldwani, Saharanpur and Barkot (Hrishkesh). A total of 15 centers will be opened in the country. Sensors have been installed at the tower in order to measure velocity of wind, temperature and humidity. The figure of measurements will be sent to ISRO centre at Hyderabad for analysis.

The impact of carbon and carbon dioxide on flora and fauna is measured through scientific equipments and methods at the centre. The groups of people, vehicles and their movement increase carbon dioxide in the environment. As a result of this, real figure cannot be measured. Therefore, the centre has been installed away from crowd and vehicular traffic.

With the industrial revolution, carbon dioxide emission has shot up to 380 PPM from 280 PPM in the world. CO2 and other green house gases are unremittingly increasing, posing a threat to scientists and policy-makers. Besides, surface temperature of earth started soaring up. To the contrary, icebergs have also started melting and increasing water level of sea. Agriculture lands absorbed into sub-urban and cities and tropical forests turned into grass-pasture. The centre will help in providing information about the environment change and its natural behaviour.

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