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India needs Clean Energy says Chief Justice of India, Justice Sh S H Kapadia

According to report released by World Bank in April this year titled  ”Unleashing the potential of renewable energy in India”, India had 150GW of renewable energy potential, about half in the form of small hydropower, biomass, and wind and half in solar, cogeneration, and waste-to-energy.

Developing renewable energy can help India increase its energy security, reduce the adverse impacts on the local environment, lower its carbon intensity, contribute to more balanced regional development, and realize its aspirations for leadership in high-technology industries.

Since 2005 the energy and climate change agenda has taken center stage in the domestic and international policy arena. India is well placed to build on this momentum. It has tripled its renewable energy generation capacity in the past five years, now ranking fifth in the world in total installed renewable energy capacity, and it has established a legal and regulatory framework for sector oversight.

To achieve these goals, India needs an order-of-magnitude increase in renewable energy growth in the next decade, the report further added.

Justice Sh  S H Kapadia, Chief Justice of India, who was presiding over  a functionin New Delhi today said, “The concept of environmental protection should be a continuous process in the context of  what constitute clean, decent and viable  environment. It is the case of applied ethics where governments and authorities have to look into. We need electricity for our huge population and industrial growth. We need clean energy.”

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