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BHEL-Tiruchi plans 2 MW solar plant, to install 50-70MW plant by 2015-17

BHEL is the largest engineering enterprise of its kind in India and one of the foremost companies in the international power arena. While its core competence is in the power sector, it also caters to other core sectors like; Industry, Transportation, Transmission, Oil & Gas, Defence and Renewable Energy. Its diverse manufacturing base supported by contemporary and unique manufacturing facilities gives it a competitive edge. With a product portfolio of over 180 products, BHEL has its foot print in over 70 countries.

Panchabuta was one of the first to mention late January that BHEL had finalized an agreement with Abengoa Solar to develop CSP projects in India. Later this was confirmed in February by BHEL that they had joined hands with  Abengoa, Spain, the European leader in solar and other energy-related projects, to develop state-of-the-art Concentrated Solar Power projects in India.

Also, as Panchabuta understands this CSP facility could be coming up in the Tiruchrappalli facility of BHEL as the unit of already manufactures thermal generators and heat exchangers.

According to reports, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL), Tiruchi, has initiated steps to install a 2-MW solar plant on its premises at an investment of Rs 17- 18 crore.

BHEL is on the threshold of coming out with a new product: solar thermal, whereby heat generated by the solar panels will be transferred to heat exchangers for producing steam that would drive turbines for power generation.

According to Mr A.V. Krishnan, Executive Director, BHEL, Tiruchi, the heat exchangers are to be manufactured in Tiruchi and solar panels will be supplied by BHEL’s Electronics Division in Bangalore.

The plant,  expected to be installed by 2015-17 with technical support from Spain’s Abengoa will be in the range of 50-70 MW. He said that coal is becoming costly and solar power generation is getting cheaper. The cost of solar power has now come down to Rs 13 from Rs 18 some years back.

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