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Conergy expands solar manufacturing facility in Bangalore, India

SunTechnics Energy Systems, one of India’s largest companies dedicated to solar energy announced last month that it would adopt its parent company name “Conergy” and be recognized going forward as Conergy Energy Systems. SunTechnics began its Indian operations in 2005 and the name change is in line with the company’s strategy to be recognized as “Conergy” worldwide.

The Indian entity will now focus largely on small and large scale solar photovoltaic projects. The company operates two core businesses: grid-connect systems (large scale solar parks) and off grid systems (Stand alone SPV Systems). The company’s product portfolio will continue to include Conergy grid-connect components, sourced from its European and North American factories and off-grid systems produced from its Bangalore facility which for the time being will continue to be promoted under the SunTechnics brand.

Conergy’s customers in India include giants in the telecom, oil and gas, government nodal agencies and manufacturing sectors, as well as the state and national government units.

According to reports,  Conergy Energy Systems (India) Pvt Ltd today said it has expanded its manufacturing footprint with a new solar PV and solar thermal facility in Bangalore.

Conergy (India) expects increased output and improved operational efficiencies by shifting its solar PV and thermal production to the Whitefield factory from its old site in the NGEF Ancillary Industrial Estate in Mahadevapura here, it said in a statement.

Srinivasan, Chief Operations Officer of Conergy Energy Systems (India) said: “By moving to the new site, Conergy has increased its annual production capacity from 10 MW to 25 MW for solar PV modules.

At least 50 new jobs have been created and over 2 million euros was invested on the new 5,000 square metre plant”.

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