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Tamil Nadu plans captive solar power plants

According to reports in The Hindu, the State government is proposing to go in for the installation of captive solar power plants for at least 3,000 megawatt.

Announcing this at the Power Ministers’ Conference at New Delhi on Wednesday, Natham R. Viswanthan, Electricity Minister, said the large-scale installation of such plants was being proposed to reduce the pressure on conventional sources of energy.

The address delivered by Governor Surjit Singh Barnala to the Assembly last month stated that the government would unveil an exclusive policy for the promotion of renewable energy.

Giving an account of the State government’s plans to promote renewable energy, the Minister told the conference that the State government was planning to launch a solar-powered greenhouse scheme for the benefit of rural poor. It had also been proposed to install solar streetlights in villages.

This sounds more like an intent statement than anything else. The cost of the project  could easily be to the tune of about Rs. 390 billion if the government were to make the investment to set up the captive plants of that capacity. What is more likely is that the state intends to set up 10 solar parks of 300MW capacity each for a total installed capacity of 3000MW which is a stated objective in this government’s election manifesto.

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