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IISC students design portable solar powered pumping device

Vortex Engineering, a company focused on developing sustainable products for rural India, decided to develop an ATM to meet this segment’s banking demands. The ATM is powered by solar energy consumes just 4 per cent of the total energy that is required by a conventional ATM to function. It has the capability to serve Indian villages — indicating an opportunity for over half a million ATMs across the country.

IIT Madras worked in collaboration with Vortex Engineering to develop a low-cost and reliable solution that would address the concerns of the rural population.

IFC had announced last week that it will invest $2 Mn inthe  Chennai based company.

According to reports, at the annual design exposition – Ripples – students of the Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing (CPDM), IISc showcased their creative best.

Of the many innovations, ‘Surajjal’, a portable pumping device run by solar energy, grabbed many eyeballs.

Aesthetically appealing, the device is a dream come true for those who want to own their own pumping system, said Harrangad Singh Bhalla, one of its creators. The two-man team has been approached by a company about the possibilities of developing the device further.

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