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Orient Green Power Synchronises its 10 MW Biomass IPP in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

OGPL was founded by SEPC in October, 2006 along with Bessemer Venture Partners, with the objective of owning and operating a portfolio of renewable energy projects. The strategy for OGPL is to own assets and also act as the holding company for subsidiaries that each own and operate power generation projects based on renewable sources. OGPL will increase its capacity through the organic route as well as through strategic acquisitions. Apart from the sustainable revenues from power generation, the Company expects to profit from the sale of CERs.

OGPL currently has 70 MW of assets in operation. This includes two 7.5 MW biomass plants in Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan and multiple wind farms in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

The Company is currently implementing projects totaling to a capacity of 146 MW.

 It is currently setting up a 15 MW hydroelectric project in Orissa and a 7.5 MW power project based on poultry litter/biomass in Andhra Pradesh

Apart from these two, the Company is setting up several biomass power plants ranging from 7.5 MW to 10 MW in the states of Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Punjab.

 The company aspires to build assets amounting to 500MW over the next 5 years.

The company today reported that it has synchronized its 10 MW Biomass power plant near Pollachi into the state grid of Tamil Nadu at Angalakurichi in Coimbatore District. The Biomass Power Plant with the capacity of 10 MW is the first of its kind in India with a specially designed Boiler, which predominantly uses the coconut fronds that are available in the Pollachi Belt.

The commissioning of the Pollachi plant is a notable development as it adds renewable power capacity in a highly power deficient state. The plant is also the first Independent Power Plant to be put up in the western part of Tamil Nadu, which has the concept of “distributed power”.

The facility has a 110 KV connectivity, which will result in lower transmission and distribution losses. With an investment of Rs. 55 crore, OGPL’s Pollachi plant will have the employment potential of around 250 personnel including 50 direct employees.

Apart from the sourcing of the fuel from the farming community, OGPL has plans to develop an energy plantation at the coconut farms in and around Pollachi through intercropping of short rotation crops, which will fetch additional income to the farmers.

Pollachi plant is the fourth plant commissioned by OGPL in the state of Tamil Nadu where the company is a major renewable power generator with the aggregate capacity of 182.5MW including 155MW on Wind and 32.5MW on Biomass.

Apart from Tamil Nadu, OGPL has capacities including 16 MW of Biomass Plants in Rajasthan , 2 MW of Biogas Plant in Maharashtra and 26.5 MW Wind Farm in Andhra Pradesh.

With the synchronisation of the Pollachi plant of 10 MW, OGPL currently has 230 MW of operating Renewable Power plants.

The total capacity is expected to grow to over 400 MW by the end of FY12 with new plants coming up in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu.

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