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Biogas can gain importance in view of rising LPG prices in India

According to reports, in view of escalating Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) costs, biogas can gain importance, according to PAU experts.

Biogas is rich in methane (55-56 per cent) and can be used directly for heating purposes, cooking, lighting or power generation, they said.

While imparting understanding about biogas to the farmers, PAU experts of the Department of Civil Engineering (DCE) said, “Punjab has a potential of about 4,11,000 biogas plants, of which about 10,1705 (about 25 per cent) plants have already been installed (as on December 31, 2009).”

DCE head Jaspal Singh defined it as a clean biofuel produced by micro-organisms or bacteria during anaerobic digestion of organic matter. The anaerobic digestion produces biogas on renewable basis and produces digested slurry which is good manure.

The nutrient value of the digested slurry is better than the ordinary farm yard manure (FYM), they said.

Talking about the most popular biogas plant ‘Deenbandhu biogas plant’ being installed by the farmers, Singh said the user will be getting the biogas from the plants for more than 25 years.

The university expert N K Khullar said, “As per the annual report 2009-10, of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), the estimated potential of biogas plants in India is to the tune of 123.3 lakh plants.

“About 33.9 per cent of this potential has already been exploited till December 2009. For Punjab, the figure is 24.7 per cent.”

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