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Gujarat’s wind power capacity grows 500% in six years

Gujarat is leading the way in renewable energy investments in India with Siemens announcing an investment of  $87mn out of total investments of $348mn for 250MW capacity wind turbine development in Gujarat. Tata Power submitted a proposal to set up the first offshore wind farm in Gujarat.

According to reports, With 2,175 MW, the state of Gujarat holds 15.36 per cent of India’s total wind power generation capacity in India.

In what can be called as a quantum leap for Gujarat’s renewable energy sector, the wind power generation capacities have seen a sharp increase since 2006 from 338 Megawatt (MW) to 2175.5 MW in 2011. The share of Gujarat in the country’s total wind power generation capacities has jumped from mere 6.32 per cent in 2006 to a respectable 15.36 per cent in 2011.

While Gujarat has shown a growth of over 545 per cent in wind power capacities in past six years, the country’s wind power generation capacities have grown by 165 per cent from 5341 MW in 2006 to 14,158 MW by March 2011.

“Gujarat has enormous potential for wind power generation. The average velocity of wind in the state is just less than seven meters per second, which is very much suitable for wind power generation. Besides this, the state has the longest coast-line in the country and a desert in Kutch. This makes land availability for the wind power projects,” said Anil Kane, president, World Wind Energy Association (WWEA).

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