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Punjab to commission 29 biomass power plants, add 400MW capacity

The Punjab government recently announced plans to produce 1100 MW power, from non conventional resources comprising of biomass, micro-hydro and solar energy.

According to reports, the commissioning of 29 new biomass power plants in Punjab in coming months would add more 400 MW power in total generation of power of Punjab, said state chairman of Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA) Manjit Singh.

The chairman was speaking to media in Panjoli village of this district after distributing subsidy to 120 beneficiaries, who have opted biomass power plants to generate power in state. The chairman further disclosed that the setting up of biomass power plant needs Rs 1 crore, out of which government gives Rs 33 lakhs subsidy while applicants can obtain the remaining amount of Rs 75 lakhs from banks with the help of government.

About biogass plants in Punjab, he said this year around 1 lakh biogas plants would be constructed in Punjab, out of which 35,000 have already been completed. “Government gives Rs 8,000 subsidy for the construction of biogas plant,” said the chairman.

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