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Delta Launches Advanced Data Center DC Power Solution for Energy Efficient Green Data Center Applications

Delta Group is the world’s leading provider of power management and thermal management solutions, as well as a major source for components, visual displays, industrial automation, networking products, and renewable energy solutions. The Telecom Power Solutions Business Unit is a power system provider, and the global partner of choice for telecom network manufacturers, operators and integrators.

The company earlier this year introduced Hybrid Renewable Energy Solutions (RenE) for telecom customers to optimize green energy.

The company has launched a state-of-the-art Data Center DC Power Solution that includes a complete product portfolio of DC UPS Systems, PDUs (power distribution units), and server power supplies for more energy efficient data center applications. With Delta’s advanced power design and fewer power conversion stages, the new solution will provide customers with an estimated 10% increase in energy efficiency to reduce operation costs and lower carbon emissions, and realize the benefits of a more environmentally-friendly green data center.

“Delta is committed to providing the most efficient and reliable power solution for customers worldwide as they cope with their data centers’ ever-increasing demand for power. We are glad that more and more customers are partnering with Delta to develop green data centers, which not only benefits their businesses but also the environment,” said Dr. Herman Chang, General Manager of Infrastructure Energy Solutions Business Group, Delta Electronics, Inc.

As part of Delta’s Data Center DC Power Solution, the DC UPS System is a stand-alone battery cabinet that provides DC backup power for various demands of customers in case of AC outage. The advanced power design architecture offers highly reliable and robust backup power for data centers. It provides BHM (battery health management) features to manage battery recharge time and capacity for increased battery life. Delta’s modularized design not only ensures fast and easy data center deployment, but also offers high scalability for growing business demands. In addition, the Delta Data Center DC Power Solution provides high efficiency and high power density power supplies for servers, as well as PDUs

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