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Suzlon Energy expects wind energy momentum to continue

Suzlon Group, the world’s third largest wind power company, announced last December that they have crossed 15,000 MW of cumulative installations world wide and have 10,500 turbines covering over 1,800 customers across 25 countries. According to the company that accounts for nearly nine per cent of the world’s total wind installations.

The Suzlon’s Group’s 15 GW of worldwide installations includes 10 GW by Suzlon Energy Limited and 5 GW by REpower Systems AG – in which Suzlon Energy Limited is a majority shareholder with a holding of over 90 per cent. It covers Group onshore and offshore installations worldwide.

According to reports, Today, India is the fifth largest renewable wind energy producer in the world, says Tulsi Tanti, CMD, Suzlon Energy . “Today, nearly 3.5% energy is coming from the wind. The best part is that in the last three years nearly 25% new energy installation is coming only from the wind.”

According to Tanti, wind energy momentum will continue and the next five years will see 40% year-on-year (YoY) growth. “The Prime Minister has set a very ambitious target, 15% has to come from the renewable energy by 2020. And that has led to huge momentum.”

Tanti further says the Chinese suppliers and most of the European suppliers have already established their manufacturing base in China like Suzlon China. “We are competing on a global basis. But it is very difficult to compete within the home market of China. That is the only concern. I don’t see the Chinese turbine manufacturers will be able to compete on a global basis.”

He says 2009-2010 the financial crisis had impacted the industry, but now it is coming out. “A lot of economic momentum is positive and banks have started financing the projects on a larger scale.” The major growth and major opportunity, he says, is in emerging markets where the need of energy is very high.

The focus, he says, has slightly moved from nuclear to more and more onshore and off shore wind projects.

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