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OPIC to provide up to $136 million to Aloe Environment Fund III

Aloe Private Equity, a private equity management company based in Paris and Mauritius presently manages three private equity funds: Aloe Environment Fund I; Aloe Environment Fund II; and Green Investment Asia Sustainability Fund I.

Aloe Environment Fund III is targeting a total fund size of €200 million-€300 million and will be managed by Aloe Private Equity. It will invest in Asian companies whose technologies can be used in the PRC, India and, potentially, countries in Southeast Asia with a particular emphasis on transferring technology and know-how. It will aim to make 8-10 investments of around €20 million each.

Earlier in May this year, ADB announced that it was investing  $20 million into the fund.

In an announcement yesterday, OPIC said that it would provide up to $136 million in financing to this fund, which will invest in climate solutions centered around renewable energy generation, recycling, and energy efficiency, specifically in India and Southeast Asia. It will primarily target small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The fund has a target capitalization of $420 million.

Specifically, the fund will provide capital to companies with proven technologies and products to tackle the environmental challenges faced by the region’s high-growth economies. Aloe intends to invest in several companies at the growth/expansion stage which will include renewable energy projects such as hydro, wind, and waste recycling.

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