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Birla Surya to spend Rs.54 billion over 5 years to build Solar facility in India

In August last year, Birla Surya, a a part of the diversified Yash Birla Group (YBG), selected GT Solar to provide its DSS450HP crystallization furnaces for the India’s first integrated PV wafer-cell manufacturing facility located in Pune.

Subsequently, Birla Surya, has selected GT Solar  for its polysilicon production technology and related engineering services that will be used by Birla Solar that will be used in India’s first large-scale commercial polysilicon production facility located in Chhattisgarh.

GT Solar will be providing all aspects of polysilicon production including CVD reactors, chlorosilane recovery and trichlorosilane production and purification technology for the new production facility.

According to reports, Birla Surya Limited, a part of the diversified Yash Birla Group (YBG), today announced that the company will invest USD 1.2 billion (approximately Rs. 5,400 crores) over the next five years to build India’s first largest integrated facility for fabrication of multi crystalline silicon wafers and processing of solar photovoltaic cells.
In the first phase, the company will set up manufacturing facilities for 60 MWp of multi-crystalline Solar Photovoltaic Cells and fabrication of 125 MWp multi-crystalline Silicon Wafers using Solar Grade Silicon (SGS). The first phase will entail and investment of Rs. 1,493 crores and this is funded through a mix of equity and debt. The company has tied up for long-term debt to the extent of Rs. 970.50 crore. The company would commence commercial production of Phase I by December 2011.
The promoters have already contributed Rs. 254 crore into the project till date. Out of a sum of Rs. 792 crore (including debt) that has been infused into the project towards advances to equipment / technology suppliers, land and site development.

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