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Opportunity to participate in the largest survey of stakeholders in Indian Solar industry by SEMI India- supported by Panchabuta

SEMI India is the Indian arm of the global industry organization SEMI®  and PV Group , serving the manufacturing supply chain for the micro- and nano-electronics industries.

PV Group represents SEMI member companies involved in the solar manufacturing supply chain with a mission to advance industry growth, support continuous efficiency improvements and promote sustainable business practices through international standards development, events, public policy, EHS, and market data.

SEMI India is conducting a questionnaire/survey exercise in order to collect thoughts, feedback and views of key stakeholders on the current state of solar/PV development in India.

As readers of Panchabuta are aware, Solar in India is at a very interesting stage. India has been identified as the top target to become the new Germany for Solar based on Lux research analysis and our own understanding of the developments that are taking place in India.

We continue to believe that solar will take off in a very big way from the middle of the next plan period if the government persists with its Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission and its commitment to development in the next plan period and beyond on a low carbon economy as it has indicated earlier.

According to a report by consultancy firm KPMG, technological breakthroughs and economies of scale will make solar power competitive in six years and help India add 67,000 megawatts of solar generation capacity by 2022 – more than thrice the country’s target.

All this points to an exciting phase for solar development in India with India expected to increase installed solar capacity by at least  six times this year to about 300MW.

At this critical juncture, as some of the projects of the first stage of the first phase are being implemented, developers have learnt a lot about the issues and challenges in project implementation on the ground, world-class EPC companies have come to India and Indian players are emerging in this space.

Financing challenges, unviable tariffs because of the over aggressive bidding, inadequate radiation data in a lot of cases and unrealistic generation assumptions have all led to mixed signals coming from the field.

Panchabuta is supporting SEMI-PV group with this exercise and  responses received from key solar/PV stakeholders – including power plant developers, financiers, EPC companies, technical consultants and industry leaders in India, will be collated/summarized and presented to the Government  towards the objective of arriving at a common understanding among industry, the government and other stakeholders.

 We would like to invite our community involved in solar development to participate in this process.

Any information provided in the questionnaire will be kept 100% confidential, and only an abstracted/consolidated summary of all industry responses will be created. The idea is to get feedback from serious developers that can be presented to the ministry.

To participate in this survey please do leave us a comment with your contact information or send us an email at semi.india.survey(at) with your contact details and we will email you a copy of the survey.

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