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Global Solar EPC Summit 2011-India:June 20’th-21’st, New Delhi

Earlier this year in January, Panchabuta had talked about India being the top target for the new Germany for Solar based on Lux research analysis and our own understanding of the developments that are taking place in India.
We continue to believe that solar will take off in a very big way in about 6 years from now if the government persists with its Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission and its commitment to development in the next plan period and beyond on a low carbon economy as it has indicated earlier.
In May this year, the  CNET Green Tech, mentioned that  while Germany, Italy, and Spain may be the solar powerhouses of today, in five years, a new set of countries led by India will emerge as leading consumers of solar technology, according to an analyst.Lux Research solar analyst Ted Sullivan  predicted that India, South Africa, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, and the U.K. are among the countries best-suited to create the market demand for gigawatts worth of solar panels as established countries cool off. According to a report by consultancy firm KPMG, technological breakthroughs and economies of scale will make solar power competitive in six years and help India add 67,000 megawatts of solar generation capacity by 2022 – more than thrice the country’s target.

All this has led to an exciting phase in the solar development in India with India expected to increase installed solar capacity by at least  six times this year to about 300MW.

This has led to a plethora of opportunities for a number of players in the ecosystem including EPC players that play a key role in the project development.

In this back drop, Renewable Markets India, has organized a Global Solar EPC Summit that is to be held in Mumbai on June20-21.

The conference over two days, aims to address a number of important and relevant topics and will bring together India’s largest power project developers, solar experts, world’s finest EPC and solar equipment companies and project advisors & consultants to help the project owners achieve the best performance for their projects.

With technology improving everyday and the project costs coming down, the project owners have to make guided, correct and alert choices while finalising project deals. With EPC being the most critical decision even to raise project equity and debt, the conference is a must attend and looks very informative and relevant for all project developers in the country.

With tremendous cost pressures arising out of reverse biding, the solar license holders are now looking to optimise project technologies while achieving lowest costs. The market also provides new opportunities to organizations willing to explore new businesses in the solar industry.

This conference will bring together project developers, bankers and investors from across the globe under a single roof to discuss the financing options, risks and opportunities.

It is good that the organizers have meticulously planned the sessions keeping in mind the feedback from the project developers, EPC players and their requirements currently. With a lot of projects due for financial closure by July and further rounds of bidding coming up shortly, the conference is happening at an apt time and Panchabuta highly recommends serious developers to participate in the same.

Global Solar EPC Summit 2011 -India:June 20’th-21’st, New Delhi

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