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West Bengal forms seperate renewable energy ministry: A major step says SP Gon Chaudhuri

According to reports, noted non-conventional energy expert and current advisor on renewable energy to West Bengal government S P Gon Chaudhuri has welcomed the decisionto start a renewable energy ministry.

“Bringing non-conventional energy under a separate ministry by the West Bengal government is a major step forward in the endeavourfor a greener world,” Gon Chaudhuri told PTI.

Earlier, non-conventional energy was under the ministry of power as a department.

Chaudhuri who had worked for the last 27 years in this field wants to take forward this clean energy mission under the new West Bengal government.

“Working for green energy is like a mission for me. I was never a political appointee so I would continue to offer my expertise to the the new government unless situation calls for otherwise,” he said.

In the past, several state governments have Chaudhuri’s expertise in setting up non-conventional projects in their respective states.

Currently, West Bengal’s installed capacity of renewable energy is 110 MW of which 50 MW each is from bio-mass and hydro and 7 MW from solar.

Another renewable energy projects worth 100 MW is in pipeline, he said.


  1. Good. This is possibly the first time that a State other than Gujarat has led in a path breaking way.

    Time the other States follow this example and pave the way for India’s global leadership in Renewable energy

  2. SP Gon Chaudhuri is a real achiever. If he wants to do some thing he will do. I think the new government has lots of opportunities.West Bengal people would support any renewable energy initiatives if they are told about the economical and environmental benefits.

    Our UK based company CITY WASTE BIOENERGY SOLUTIONS with 3 directors based in UK, one director and one consultant based in India are willing to initiate large municipality waste to electricity.

  3. We have not received any responds from our earlier offer to set up Bio-energy plants in West Bengal.

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