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Haryana’s Sirsa to Become First Solar Street Lights Powered District of India

Panchabuta has often talked about the  potential of offgrid solar- especially in the telecom space-particularly in the rural telecom and telecom tower space. We have also discussed of the immense potential in the defence and the railways for solar pv based solutions. Opportunities exist for cost effective and innovative solutions in the low and medium temperature thermal collectors space.

According to reports, Haryana’s district, Sirsa is all set to become the first district in India which will have solar street lights in all its villages by June 30, 2011.

Information to this effect was shared by the Haryana Renewable Energy Department official spokesman that solar street lights in all the 253 villages of six blocks of district Sirsa had already been installed and street lights in all the rest villages of Dabwali block would be installed within a month.

More than 50,000 solar street lights had so far been installed in the 253 villages of the district. Each village had been provided with 20 solar street lights.

He said that the Renewable Energy Department, Haryana was spending a sum of Rs 12.65 crore in the district under Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Mission. Subsidy was also being provided on solar lights under the Mission. A subsidy of Rs 5700 was provided on one solar light which cost about Rs 19,000.

He said that solar lights would also be installed at the tail heads of various canals and distributaries.

A scheme to install solar lights in all the schools was also being drawn up. Solar energy plants of two horsepower each would also be installed to supply power to the water cleaning motors at all the waterworks in the district.

The solar lights were weatherproof and rain and storm had no effect on these lights and as such these lights remained illuminated in every kind of weather conditions, he added.

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  1. Dr.E.V.R.Sastry

    Solar street lights have a history of over 25 years in India, beginning with a small demonstration in Bastar district in Chattisgarh, followed by tens of thousands of lights under various programmes including some financed by REC. The chief problem has been the maintenance of these lights. One hopes that the Haryana agency has made adequate arrangements for this. Panchabuta should ascertain if these lights are LED based or use CFLs.

    Strictly speaking, solar street lights are not economically competitive to conventional grid powered lights in electrified villages. Unfortunately, grid power supply is very unreliable in villages; also, village panchayats don’t pay their electricity bills and so the power supply to street lights is cut off. Hence the attraction of solar lights even in electrified villages.

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