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Punjab to generate 1100 MW from renewable sources

According to reports, the Punjab government is planning to produce 1100 MW power, from non conventional resources comprise of biomass, micro-hydro and solar energy.

 Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal said, Punjab is facing major environmental crises as every season 22 lakh tonnes rice husk is burnt by our farmers. We can rather use it to generate power as China is doing.

DP Cleantech has developed boilers for combustion of rice straw at a high temperature and high pressure, ranging to 540 degree centigrade at 92 bars.

They have agreed to transfer the same technology to Punjab and set up two biomass plants of 15 MW each in the first phase and would maintain and run these plants for next five years, said Badal.

Taking the Chinese help, Punjab is looking forward to harness power from the velocity of water flowing through canals and rivers.

Punjab is currently producing only 40 MW power from mini hydro plants whereas China was generating 50,000 MW from run of the water technology, Badal commented.

 He added that we would also harness solar power by utilizing roof tops of all government and private building in the coming days. Punjab has set a target to generate 1100 MW power from biomass, micro hydro and solar resources in the coming months, he concluded.

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