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P2 Power Solutions delivers engineering solutions in energy efficiency in India

P2 Power Solutions(P2PS) a venture started in 2006 by alumnus of IIT Kharagpur alumnus works to deliver innovative engineering solutions with specific focus on energy efficiency and power quality enhancement.

The company has collaborations with corporate majors like National Instruments and renowned institutes IIT Kharagpur and IC2 Institute, University of Texas, Austin for R&D support and product development.

P2 Power’s flagship product, iCon – The IGBT based Intelligent Power Conditioner uses an innovative and unique inverter technology based on FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems). The technology works at intelligently improving the quality of power and thus improving reliability and uptime for industrial as well as commercial installations. It enhances the overall efficiency and reliability of the electrical distribution system and thus increases the overall utilization of the electrical infrastructure.

P2 Power currently has operations at two prime locations in Noida and Kharagpur, and has plans to expand to other locations in a short while. With initial investments from IIT and then from TePP, Department for Scientific & Industrial Research(DSIR),P2 Power is currently making great pace in developing innovative solutions for the Energy sector in India and other countries.

The company provides solutions in the active solutions space where interacting with the out of box OEM solutions is often a daunting task.

P2 Power’s IGBT based Intelligent Power Conditioner unit senses the current requirement of the load every 200us which is the lowest amongst all existing power quality improvement solutions and feeds the required reactive and harmonic current to the loads as per the requirements of the load.

The company is also working in the renewable energy space where it offers grid tied solar and wind inverters of extremely high efficiencies up to 98%.

They are also developing Hybrid System Integrators, which will essentially help facilities utilize a wide array of renewable and other sources of power in a seamless manner.

The companys flagship product iCon has been selected as the top most techno innovation at the i3-India Innovation Initiative Awards 2010 organized by DST, CII and Agilent technologies.

The product has also been recognized amongst the top 15 technologies in India at the DST-Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Programme 2010 organized by FICCI.

P2Power  has been selected as a finalist and will be showcased in the Sankalp Clean Energy Forum.  Speaking to Panchabuta, Shwetank Jain, CEO and Founder, P2Power, said,” A forum like Sankalp provide a good platform to budding entrepreneurs for making their presence in the market and also gives them the much-needed exposure and visibility required at this stage of their businesses. This forum will also give us the necessary exposure to relevant investors and also foray into new markets.”

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